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Year of Kid Date Ideas Binder

Year of Dates Gift: Last week I posted about Christmas and mentioned I gave Jacob a full year of dates, or 12 months of dates as as gift. This consists of one pre-planned, pre-paid gift for each month of the year. I thought this was the year to bite the bullet and give a full preview. This gift takes some planning. I originally got this idea from one of my blogging friends, Shannon Brown, who had the post of the idea go viral as one of the first viral pins on Pinterest. She posted a tutorial how to make the gift for Christmas with tips. I definitely recommend checking out her post since that will help you get started if you want to give your own gift of dates.

Year of Dates Gift: 12 Pre-Planned, Pre-Paid Dates to Enjoy Throughout the Year!

Anamorphism is usually considered a form of Illusion or Trompe l'oeil, but is really the logical mathematical continuation of Perspective. While studying Classical Architecture and Perspective, Kurt Wenner applied the principles of Classical Drawing and Classical Design to the sidewalk, completely transforming the art form.

Masterpieces in Chalk was the National Geographic documentary that established 3D Street Painting as a new art form, but only after 15 years could other artists sometimes with the aid of computer programs replicate the illusions. The most recent development in pavement art is interactive pavement art.

I created it by studying a type of anamorphism that existed in the 17th century.

Year of Dates Binder Version 2. I have made it a goal this year to make date night happen — no matter what! Please tell me I am not alone in this. Seriously, it has never been easier! When date night rolls around, just pull out your binder and you are set for a unique and fun date night! Who is with me? It was such a hit with our readers that we just had to create another. And now, it is back and better than ever! For this new Year of Dates Binder 2. This new Year of Dates Binder is revamped with twelve completely new date night ideas — all in one easy-to-access binder!

We even had a fabulous reader make something like this and gift it to all of her married children for Christmas.

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It will create subway-type art within any shape or picture! This post contains affiliate links. Go to the site Tagxedo. Start by choosing your shape. Next, you will want to enter the words you want within the shape.

The results from the three independent laboratories were 'mutually compatible', i.

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5 Fun and Free Ways to Use Word Art

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Looking for a way to store ALL your awesome date ideas?!

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Year of Dates Binder Version 2.0

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How to Take Good Notes and Organize Them It's vitally important that, in school, you can review what you've learned in a snap. Tests, quizzes, and homework galore -- taking and keeping good notes can be your life preserver in a sea of assignments. But, you have to learn how to make your notebook work for you. To keep your head above water, you'll need a few tips and tricks.

Steps 1 Get a separate notebook for each class. While it may be tempting to have one big binder or notebook for several classes, it means that half the time you'll need to lug around ten thousand papers from various subjects when you really only need the stuff from one. Get either a notebook or 1—1. Three subject notebooks are usually the best- they're relatively compact but give you the dividers so you can have a section for notes, a section for homework, and a section for classwork.

If you look around, you probably will see that people tend to like the whole "one single notebook and folder per subject" idea. Really, though, this makes it easy to lose or destroy things. Instead, get a plastic file organizer, which expands accordion style to reveal pockets that can be labeled so you can keep your papers organized. Now that you've got the tools for success, be sure to be prepared in class.

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Stargazing Date Build a Fort Date These are all geared towards children under 10, and can be adapted for any age — toddlers through elementary schoolers. We tried to create a wide variety of activities that would interest boys and girls! Restaurant Date Take your son or daughter out to a favorite restaurant of their choice!

Volunteer Date Night Having fun can mean helping others too and seeing your example of serving will go a long way with your little one! Go on a service scavenger hunt and do some random act of kindness. Library Date Night Hit the books and have a library scavenger hunt! Game Night Date Have a game night together. Pick one, two, or even 10 of your favorite games to play. Keep score and the winner gets a prize!

Get your imaginations going as you compete in building challenges. Get out and get moving as you play some one-on-one. This scavenger hunt takes you and your kiddo around the town to snap silly shots together!

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