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Match-making activities with industry

The example provides letter pets for both uppercase and lowercase forms for B, C, D and S. A sheet with smaller versions of the letter pets may be created for matching cards. Also, full-size letters pages can be made by blowing up the images to use for coloring and classroom discussion activities. To create cards for letter matching activities, cut out the smaller images and glue them to sheets of card stock.

Only jpg, jpeg, png, and gif images are fully supported.

Education Software Windows You are here: Using the Activity Builder Adding sounds to objects see Adding sounds to objects The Activity Builder enables you to create matching activities, sorting activities, labeling activities, games and more using your own content. Using the Activity Builder, you define one object on the page as an activity object. You then define which objects on the page will be accepted and which will be rejected when you drag the objects over the activity object.

In the following example, fruits are accepted when dragged into the basket activity object but vegetables are rejected. To create a matching lesson activity Create the object you want to use as the activity object and the objects you want to accept or reject when dragged to the activity object. Press Add-ons , and then press Activity Builder. Select the object you want to use as the activity object, and then press Edit.

Drag the objects you want to accept to the Accept these objects list. A green check mark appears beside objects you select to accept. Drag the objects you want to reject to the Reject these objects list. A red X appears beside objects you select to reject.

Sorting Activities

Matching exercises or vocabulary revision activities Matching exercises or vocabulary revision activities Vocabulary, Metacognitive and Thinking Strategies: Most strategies can be used to support all seven of the ESOL principles dependent upon how the teacher decides to use the strategy within their teaching and learning planning cycle. This strategy is usually used to support: What do you know about your students' language skills?

What do you know about their prior knowledge? How will you find out this information?

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This week we hosted a pajama party themed preschool book club and had so much fun reading Llama Llama Red Pajama and playing a pajama matching game. We also did a few other activities that we'll share as well! Preschoolers love their names and so we always try and incorporate a name hunt activity and name matching activity into each preschool book club.

When kids are age 2 we focus on name recognition along with their photo. Once the majority of kids are age 3 we start working on name recognition without a photo! Next print out two copies of the pajama printables set. Write each child's name on a different pajama printable and then create a matching pajama card for them also with their name on it.

Concepts : Matching

Install these fonts on your computer! Number the matchups and use letters on the second column items recommended Add a small line before each item If unchecked there will be no place to show the answers - so no KEY will be generated Keep this FREE by Sharing on Facebook or linking to us! It does NOT work in Firefox. Be sure that you have 'Print background images and colors' in your browser settings. If your image is too large, browsers cannot open it and it will not show up.

Stand in front of the class and call out a letter or its sound.

Matching Worksheets Terms of Use Matching exercises provide students with a fun, engaging way to learn. By using such techniques as inversion, diversion, and the process of elimination, students are able to greatly increase the probability of answering questions correctly. This is an important skill to have, as it is commonly found on nearly all standardized tests.

Below you'll find our complete list of printable matching worksheets. On beginning level worksheets, students are asked to match terms to the given pictures. On intermediate and advanced level worksheets, students are asked to match terms to their written definitions. These worksheets help students improve their vocabulary and spelling abilities.

Interested in using interactive versions of our worksheets? Want to use a study tool which automatically scores your work and allows you to review your mistakes? Have fun and help preserve the environment at the same time.

Away We Go! Matching Game

Introduction This is a jigsaw activity: Specifically, each member in the group of four knows the profiles of two people. To make the scenario more concrete, ask the students to pretend that the profiles are the two children of each group member.

Now you are ready for the matching activity!!

Why not put a spin on this type of exercise by trying one of the techniques below? Find Your Partner Time: Distribute one strip per student. Students then get up and walk around the room until they find the person who has their match. These students become partners. For vocabulary matching exercises, each pair can come up with their own original sentence using the vocabulary word.

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Match making activities Business developers and matchmaking events at innovation exchange amsterdam Now ask the people whose number is circled to stand up. Make enough copies so that each student can receive one pair of names. The method below describes a way of doing just this, using slips with group numbers written on the back, but it is not for the faint-hearted!

The above document also includes a sheet with the characters names.

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Your child can help you or you can prep this part ahead of time. Start by cutting an train engine out of black cardstock I printed off an engine outline and traced it on the black and then cut it out. Next use your circle punch and punch two large circles for each train car and the engine total of 12 circles. After that, roll out out your easel paper and place the train pieces on the easel paper starting with the black engine and then moving through the rainbow of colors.

Use one piece of colored cardstock per train car. Add wheels to each train car and the engine and your train is built! Secure in place with tape. Next, grab your shape printouts and cut them out, leaving a thin white edge around each shape.

Matching Objects

Introduction The students are initially organised into groups, with each group member receiving a different information card describing their son or daughter. But the actual speaking is done on a one-to-one basis, with the students mingling in their group and talking to the other "parents". Groups contain 8 to 10 students, so this mingling requires a classroom with lots of space, and preferably no desks to obstruct movement. For a similar activity that can be run in a cramped classroom, see Activity

Be sure that you have 'Print background images and colors' in your browser settings.

Snowman Activities | Snowman Color Matching Activities | Winter Color Matching

Once most groups have matched up their "children", stop the activity and discuss the results.

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