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In March of , Bill Elwess joined the family business, and stayed for 48 years. He was instrumental in overhauling the shop with the founder, and served in many roles over the decades. He was well loved and respected by all, and we are grateful to have had him in our lives. When he left, after 46 years, he was responsible for 8, railcars. Fourth generation introduced to family business. Sasser asks his son-in-law, Shad Peterson, to evaluate a rail technology business to determine if it was worth buying, or just using as a vendor. These are the beginning stages of the next step in the family legacy. Fourth generation officially joins Sasser businesses. In keeping with the strategic governance of the company, Fred R. With a powerful base established in Australia, the family also acquires Bluebird Rail Operations to expand the company into railcar repair and refurbishment services.

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It is the capital of the Al Madinah Province. After Mecca, it is the second holiest city in Islam. Like Mecca , entry to Madina is also prohibited for all non-Muslims.

Alternatively, Lucien Gubbay suggests the name Medina could also have been a derivative from the Aramaic word Medinta, which the Jewish inhabitants could have used for the city.

November 18, at 9: He was a tax collector telwnhV , probably stationed on a main trade route near Capernaum where he would have collected tolls for Herod Antipas from commercial traffic. According to the resources available to us, Papias the Bishop of Hieropolis in Phrygia ca. AD was the first to associate the apostle Matthew with this document. What was Papias referring to when he stated that Matthew wrote in the Hebrew dialect? Some have understood this not as a reference to the Hebrew as we have in the Old Testament, but instead the Syro-Chaldaic, [5] or Aramaic.

Others have also concluded that Matthew wrote two Gospels-one in a Palestinian language and the other in Greek. On the other hand, Papias also said that Mark was the interpreter of Peter, [7] and therefore, the apostle Matthew would not have a problem with deferring to the early leader of the church. But before a date can be decided, its relation to the Gospel of Mark must first be addressed. If Mark was written first, then Matthew must have a later date and vice-versa.

The most widely accepted hypothesis is that both Matthew and Luke used Mark as a source for various reasons. Matthew even reproduced about ninety percent of Mark, while Luke reproduced about sixty percent.

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Battle of Badr Battle positions at Badr The Battle of Badr was a key battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point in Muhammad's struggle with his opponents among the Quraysh in Mecca. In the spring of , Muhammad received word from his intelligence sources that a trade caravan, commanded by Abu Sufyan ibn Harb and guarded by thirty to forty men, was travelling from Syria back to Mecca.

Muhammad gathered an army of men, the largest army the Muslims had put in the field yet. However, many early Muslim sources, including the Quran, indicate that no serious fighting was expected, [23] and the future Caliph Uthman ibn Affan stayed behind to care for his sick wife. As the caravan approached Medina, Abu Sufyan began hearing from travellers and riders about Muhammad's planned ambush.

Three oldest mosques are located in Madina.

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The battle front was pushed further and further away from the archers, whom, from the start of the battle, had really nothing to do but watch.

Photos of Madina (Madinah)

Geography[ edit ] The soil surrounding Medina consists of mostly basalt , while the hills, especially noticeable to the south of the city, are volcanic ash which dates to the first geological period of the Paleozoic Era.

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Dating? Gunnar Stansson always in the stands for Sara Errani

Matthew even reproduced about ninety percent of Mark, while Luke reproduced about sixty percent.

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This was in breach of the Constitution of Medina and after the Meccan withdrawal, Muhammad immediately marched against the Qurayza and laid siege to their strongholds.

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