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‘A man screamed ‘sex’ at me’: Women are guilty of objectification too, but it’s not the same

Here are a few photographs from the team and our supporters. Huge thanks to those who helped us on the day! A Tesco on every corner, Boden catalogues piled through the letterbox, and Center Parcs holidays — Britain has been overrun by all-pervasive corporate sameness. Ben le Vay — expert on all things eccentric — reveals the quirky gems hidden near your home. Buy a copy and rememember to show all your friends and family our pages! One of the proudest moments of starting our website was it being featured in the NY Times — take a look at Austins article here and learn how we took the success of Tubecrush overseas. Hot off the net reported on us raising the issue of being idolised without even knowing you featured on the site. A well received photo piece that features some of the hotties from the website — click this link and scroll through the gallery. You may be one of our new fans reading this because of our recent appearance on the BBC technology website.

About Tube Crush

Users take photos of unassuming men they deem attractive and post them on the website. Users then rate and comment on the photos. Physical attributes including signs of wealth and personal grooming are among those highly rated by users. TubeCrush confirms the stereotype that men need to be rich and physically fit to be conventionally attractive to prospective partners.

The website was set up by accountant Steve Motion who wanted to "pay 'Homage to the Hommes' on our infamous transportation infrastructure.

Share this article Share Even former Deputy PM, John Prescott - a man who was battling bulimia at the time - was publicly humiliated by mistress Tracey Temple when their affair surfaced. She said his penis was like 'a cocktail sausage'. Sadly, this isn't rare. Turn on any TV or film, listen to any song lyric, and you'll soon hear something similar. Then there's website TubeCrush which pervs, and rates, unwitting men on the London Underground, while new dating app Lulu has caused controversy for encouraging women to shame men who give them 'bad dates'.

The same women who, while asserting that a woman's size and shape doesn't matter, judge their boyfriends on the bulge in both their wallet and trousers.

Scientists analysed photos we take on the tube and found a disturbing trend

Women's Life 'A man screamed 'sex' at me': Women are guilty of objectification too, but it's not the same A year-old woman has accused builders of harassment and reported them to the police, igniting a fierce debate over what constitutes sexist behaviour. I was waiting to cross the road, he was on a bike. No one else was around.

His kiss was delivered with aggression — not that a simpering version would have been any the less repulsive — lips pursed with intent, eyes boring into me.

The debate lasted for a whole segment of the show, with one of the guys featured on the site getting in contact with the ladies to say since appearing on TubeCrush he had become a bit of a blogging celebrity and got a modelling job!

Daily Mail Online — Fanmail So you always wanted to be featured on Tubecrush but are just not sure how to increase your chances? Since it was created in May , Tube Crush has grown in popularity and receives up to 20 crush submissions a day. If you have found yourself on this page its probably because you are looking for pictures of the fairer sex travelling on the tube. These sites were quickly taken down due to amongst other reasons public outcry at the sheer idea of men or women for that matter photographing women in a public place, crazy we know but the debate continued.

There was a simple reason we launched the site just showing images of men back in Our website is quite often tongue in cheek but complimentary towards the subjects in the photographs, the comments are moderated, The copy is positive, the pictures are always clear and good quality and the feedback we have received from our global critics over the years has been vastly positive.

'A man screamed 'sex' at me': Women are guilty of objectification too, but it's not the same

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His clippered chest has become something of a national joke.

TubeCrush News

Crisp white shirt — tick.

'A man screamed 'sex' at me': Women are guilty of objectification too, but it's not the same

You know, like when we're told strip clubs are harmful and degrading - by women thumbing a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey while in the cinema queue for Magic Mike XXL.

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Physical attributes including signs of wealth and personal grooming are among those highly rated by users.

'A man screamed 'sex' at me': Women are guilty of objectification too, but it's not the same

We took a few photographs thats what we do best after-all!

About Tube Crush

I can hardly blame him, though.

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